Thursday, 12 June 2014

Who is Ricki Hall? The other guy from the H&M advert starring David Beckham

Rocking up at Ricki Hall's favourite location, his local pub, he gives us his first in-depth video interview ever, with Gracie Opulanza, he talks about his beard, tattoos and shoes (well Dr Martin's anyway!).

 Ricki Halls' Local

Whats Ricki Hall afraid of ?

Ricki tells us about his loves and fears, and his relationship with Dr Martin boots.

Ricki Hall talks about his fear of spiders

Taking over a corner of the pub with sound and lighting equipment seemed a little unnatural and maybe a bit excessive, but the results showed Ricki at his most comfortable, an animated person, intriguing to talk to and photograph, he revealed much about his life on and off the catwalk, in front of and behind the lens.

At the time of interview, H&M were yet to release their campaign featuring the upcoming model, alongside David Beckham.

As only Gracie could, sitting with their pints of Guiness, Gracie's intuitive manner has them both laughing like old friends, for more images of  Ricki Hall

Men Style Fashion has the full interview.  

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