Monday, 19 May 2014

Can You Afford Not to Have A Social Media Strategy?

What have Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google, Men Style Fashion, Roky Million and Porter Magazine got in common?

They were all at the Mayfair Hotel for the first ever UK Social Media and Fashion Conference run by #brandussocial.  Sound boring to you? 

I was the first person there!  I waited with anticipation, as Social Media is important to every business, especially Fashion and not least of all mine, and I wanted to learn from the experts.  All of the speakers had something interesting to say, I don’t know where to start – maybe from the beginning as Daryl Hughs, Ecommerce Lead, Facebook, kicks off  “If you are not reaching people where it matters to them, you don't matter to people". 

The @brandussocial team have worked hard for the first half of this year, pulling together a great line-up for this event.  Brands such as @twitter @google @facebook ‪@JadisTillery ‪@theAudienceHQ ‪@TheRedTreeTRT ‪@woolandthegang ‪@boticca   ‪@BrandUsSocial ‪#brandussocial set out to define social media strategy.

Social media plays such a massive role in the Fashion Industry, for Men Style Fashion it is there business, I watch as Gracie Opulanza arrives in another bespoke outfit, made for her by new designer @kristinagoeswest.  If anyone can tell you a thing or two about Social Media, Founder of Men Style Fashion Gracie Opulanza definitely can.  Gracie reports Slow Down and Connect.

Luke Barnes ‪@theAudienceHQ  warns about 3rd party platforms.

Remember, no-one speaks better about a brand than the brand itself!  You can’t force social media, you must be true to your brand.  Social media is also like any other marketing, you should plan your campaign in advance.  There really was just too much information to pass it all on to you, it was a great conference.

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