Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Exclusive insight behind the scenes at a mens catwalk show

What time does the party start in Dubai?

My first time at Dubai Fashion Forward started when I was invited to an exclusive pre-launch dinner party at the SupperClub on the The Palm. I was unfamiliar with the Dubai party scene; and arrived a little early 8:00 pm! I wondered where all the partygoers were. Whilst I waited for the action to begin I took some images with my funky phone fisheye lens of the waiters and staff, and the amazing restaurant. I later discovered Velsvoir; the designers who had invited me had also designed the accessories for all the outfits! Velsvoir founded by 3 brothers, who accidently redesigned the bow tie and rapidly grew both in London and Dubai, as an innovative fashion brand, made a real impression both at the SupperClub and later on the catwalk. The three brothers arrived nearer 11 pm, followed by the rest of the party including the famous African Albino Model, Shaun Ross, and the traditionally clad yet stunning Mohammed S AlHabtoor, a well-known public figure and influencer in Dubai. Over the evening, the restaurant seamlessly transformed into a nightclub, hosting a great party that continued well into the early hours of the morning.

Fascinating Glimpse backstage

Booked to cover backstage for the Velvsoir X Patrick Hellmann catwalk show, which took place on my last evening in Dubai, it turned out to be the climax of my trip. The run-through of the catwalk during the afternoon and later getting ready gave me a fascinating glimpse into the fashion world. It was such a privilege to hang out with the models, and watch the whole process, as the stylists, makeup artists, production team as well as the brothers prepared for the show. The Mac makeup artists worked extremely hard, with the tricky job of adding glittering adornments to the eyelids, with L’Oreal sculpting their hair, it all began to come together. It was still all go as the stylish Patrick Hellmann Suits were pressed and made ready, the catering staff kept everyone going in the hours leading up to the actual event. It really is astounding the amount of work and energy that goes into a show like this, and then it is literally over in minutes.

Security “ she is with me”

There were several shows happening simultaneously, and I wanting to make the most of every opportunity, as I had flown half way around the world, so dashing out to catch another show left me only minutes before the Velvsoir catwalk was about to run. Unfortunately as I tried to return backstage, I was stopped by security. As a celebrity blogger with a full access pass tried to negotiate my re-entrance, I couldn’t believe it when Mohammed S AlHabtoor swooped in to rescue me from security, saying “let her through she is with me!”.  Made my day


Whist the select crowd, of buyers, bloggers and fashionistas begin to gather front of house. Behind the scenes its intense, and a little crazy as the air is charged with a mixture of adrenalin, fear, excitement, and anticipation. The models hung out for the last few minutes, taking selfies before they took their positions for the show. Seconds before the show started I ran down the side of Catwalk itself, to take my place in the press pit and its lights up music pumping, flashes flashing as the show begins.

Seconds before the show started I ran down the side of Catwalk itself, to take my place in the press pit and its lights up music pumping, flashes flashing as the show begins.

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  1. Wow what a fantastic blog. Brilliantly written and a real insight into the world of fashion. Particularly love the 'selfies' section and then seeing the models on the catwalk straight after. More please..........


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