Monday, 2 March 2015

Cats and knives on the backstreets of Luxor

 If you have a Delicate Stomach you may wish to turn away

Sometimes it seems the more I travel the less robust my stomach gets, mind you I think I just need to toughen up the locals seem fine with it. 

I find myself captivated when photographing people going about their daily lives. I get to see something that seems ordinary to them, commonplace even and have the opportunity to elevate it to become extraordinary. Noticing the colours, the lines, the background, the repetition, the juxtaposition, the glimpses the glances, the handholding the chances. Connecting, smiling back, touching and sometimes just grabbing my shots, I hope I connect you to. 

Dinner in Egypt

On a recent trip to Egypt we had built a relationship with our taxi driver and I asked him to take us out in Luxor where the locals shop. So very early one morning we walked through the market for an hour or so, capturing the life of Real Luxor. Here's a little insight into how your dinner maybe prepared when in Egypt.

Documentary Photography 

To see more of my travel documentary photography, click here for .more images Hopefully one day I will get the opportunity to photograph for the National Geographic Magazine or have my images featured in the Sunday Times Spectrum…. 

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